EU4 zeal Console Command

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zeal Command
PlayerDLC: Emperor

This command adds revolutionary zeal to a country.

zeal [Amount] [Country Tag]



The amount of zeal you wish to add. Specify a negative number to reduce Revolutionary Zeal.

The tag of the country you wish to add revolutionary zeal to.


Here are examples of how to use zeal.

zeal 20 LIG

This command adds 10 Revolutionary Zeal to Ligor.

zeal 12 AZT

This command adds 12 Revolutionary Zeal to Aztec.

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Quick Overview

The zeal console command in Europa Universalis IV is used to add revolutionary zeal to a selected country.

Revolutionary zeal is a resource that quickens reforms in Republics and acts as the main indicator of the progress of the Revolution in a country.

By increasing the revolutionary zeal, a player can aid in bringing about radical changes or advancements in their nation's government type, policies, or societal structures.

A greater level of zeal can help enact more reforms at a faster pace. The syntax for the command would be zeal [amount] [country tag]. The country tag would identify the specific country that the zeal is to be added to, and the amount would specify how much zeal is to be added.

In-Depth Description

The zeal command in Europa Universalis IV is used to add revolutionary zeal to a country. Revolutionary zeal is a feature that can help bring about the Revolution disaster, potentially changing the government type of a country to a revolutionary republic or revolutionary empire.

By using this command, you can simulate the late game revolutions that typically happen in EU4, allowing you to bring your country into an age of revolution without waiting for the natural game progression. This makes it a fairly dramatic command to use, with considerable potential impact on the game's geopolitical landscape.

However, keep in mind that leading a revolution comes with its own challenges and risks, such as public order issues and stability hits. As such, this command should be used when you are ready to deal with these risks and are seeking for a substantial change in your country's government structure.

This command has the potential to dramatically shake up the game and is useful to players who are looking for a way to change their government type to revolutionary republic or empire.

How to Open the Command Console

In EU4, cheats are executed from the command console, a text box that you type commands into.

To open the command console press the ~(tilde) key, which is typically located under ESC (escape).

If your keyboard does not have that key, or pressing ~ does not work, try the following keys:

  • ~
  • SHIFT + 2
  • SHIFT + 3
  • ALT + 2 + 1

Type your command into the console, and then press ENTER .