EU4 set_base_tax Console Command

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set_base_tax Command
PlayerDLC: None

This command sets the base tax (multiplier) for the province with the specified ID to the specified value. Base tax is used in the calculation for province tax income. Province tax income is (base tax + local tax income) / 12 * tax income efficiency * (1 - local autonomy).

set_base_tax [Province ID] [value]


The ID of the province you wish to change the base tax of.


The value you wish to set the specified province's base tax to.

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Quick Overview

The command set_base_tax in Europa Universalis IV allows you to change the base tax value of a specific province.

The base tax is a measure of a province's economic value and it significantly contributes to a nation's total income.

By using this command, followed by the province ID and the desired base tax value, you can manually adjust this aspect of a province's economy to your preference.

Here is an example of how to use the command: set_base_tax 182 10 - this would set the base tax of the province with the ID 182 to 10.

In-Depth Description

The set_base_tax command in Europa Universalis IV allows you to change the base tax of a given province to a specific value. Base tax refers to the taxation income generated by a province, which contributes directly to the player's annual income.

Typically, base tax is influenced by factors like development, culture, and religion of provinces, but through the use of this console command, you can bypass these elements and set a specific base tax value directly.

The command works as follows: you type set_base_tax, followed by the province ID, and then the value you want to set it to. For example, set_base_tax 64 10 would set the base tax of province 64 to 10.

This command can be especially helpful in situations where you are looking to quickly increase your financial gain from a certain province, or even when you're simply trying to experiment with different income values for strategic or educational purposes.

How to Open the Command Console

In EU4, cheats are executed from the command console, a text box that you type commands into.

To open the command console press the ~(tilde) key, which is typically located under ESC (escape).

If your keyboard does not have that key, or pressing ~ does not work, try the following keys:

  • ~
  • SHIFT + 2
  • SHIFT + 3
  • ALT + 2 + 1

Type your command into the console, and then press ENTER .