EU4 navy_tradition Console Command

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navy_tradition Command
PlayerDLC: None

This command adds the specified amount of navy tradition to the country with the specified country tag.

navy_tradition [Amount] [Country Tag]



The amount of navy tradition you wish to add. Specify a negative number to remove.


The country tag of the country you wish to add navy tradition to. If not specified, the country that you are playing as will be affected.


Here are examples of how to use navy_tradition.

navy_tradition 20

This command would add 20 navy tradition to the country you are currently playing as.

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Quick Overview

The navy_tradition command in Europa Universalis IV will increase the naval tradition of the specified country by a specific number.

Naval tradition, in EU4, refers to the accumulated experience and knowledge in naval warfare of a country.

It provides various bonuses such as improved naval morale, better leaders, and increased chance of capturing enemy ships.

In-Depth Description

The navy_tradition in Europa Universalis IV (EU4) is a cheat/debugging command that is used to increase or decrease a nation's naval tradition by a specific amount.

By typing navy_tradition followed by the desired value, it will add the designated amount of naval tradition points to the selected country.

Naval tradition is a statistic that represents the historical pride, aptitude, and training of a country’s navy. This value ranges from 0 to 100, impacting its navy’s power and effectiveness in the game.

High naval tradition leads to a multitude of benefits like improving ship durability, enhancing combat abilities, boosting morale, better blockade efficiency, and higher chance of capturing enemy ships.

This command can be handy under several circumstances. It can be beneficial when you're engaged in naval battles or when you need to leverage your naval power against other nations. By increasing your naval tradition, you can significantly enhance the strength and efficiency of your fleet.

Typically, the naval tradition is gained by various activities in the game, such as exploring unknown territories, winning naval battles, or protecting trade. However, by using this command, players can immediately increase their naval tradition without going through those steps.

How to Open the Command Console

In EU4, cheats are executed from the command console, a text box that you type commands into.

To open the command console press the ~(tilde) key, which is typically located under ESC (escape).

If your keyboard does not have that key, or pressing ~ does not work, try the following keys:

  • ~
  • SHIFT + 2
  • SHIFT + 3
  • ALT + 2 + 1

Type your command into the console, and then press ENTER .