EU4 highlight_islands Console Command

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highlight_islands Command
DeveloperDLC: None

This debug command will highlight all provinces that would be classified as an island under the specified threshold (as in, those that the 'Province is on an island' condition would apply to).

highlight_islands [Threshold]



The threshold for classification of a country as an island. All countries below this limit will be highlighted. Unit is pixels.

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Quick Overview

The highlight_islands command in EU4 is a debugging command used by game developers for specific testing purposes.

If this command is followed by a specified number, it will highlight all the provinces in the game that will be categorized as 'islands' if the size limit for what is considered an island is set to that number in the game's configuration files, specifically in defines.lua.

How to Open the Command Console

In EU4, cheats are executed from the command console, a text box that you type commands into.

To open the command console press the ~(tilde) key, which is typically located under ESC (escape).

If your keyboard does not have that key, or pressing ~ does not work, try the following keys:

  • ~
  • SHIFT + 2
  • SHIFT + 3
  • ALT + 2 + 1

Type your command into the console, and then press ENTER .