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EU4 Commands
Foxe Basin
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EU4 Commands
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Province Foxe Basin
ID 1489
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Additional Province IDs

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Oyashio Current
Province ID: North West Pacific
Finisterre Bay
Province ID: North Atlantic
Tana Lake
Province ID
Lake Nicaragua
Province ID
Java Sea
Province ID: South China Sea
Norton Sound
Province ID: North East Pacific
Province ID
Philippine Sea
Province ID: East China Sea
Red Sea
Province ID: Arabian Sea Gulf of Aden
Province ID

Other Province IDs

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South Atlantic Roaring Forties
Province ID: South Atlantic
Walvis Ridge
Province ID: South Atlantic
Southern Humboldt Current
Province ID: South East Pacific
Flint Island
Province ID: South East Pacific
Eastern North Pacific Drift
Province ID: North East Pacific
Mazatlan Bay
Province ID: North East Pacific
Gulf of Aden
Province ID: Arabian Sea Gulf of Aden
Province ID: Amazonas
Molokai Fracture Zone
Province ID: North East Pacific
South Pacific
Province ID: South East Pacific

More Province IDs

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East Finnish Lakes
Province ID
Atacama Coast
Province ID: Pacific South America
Trobrian Islands
Province ID: South West Pacific
Lake Nipigon
Province ID
Gulf of Panama
Province ID: Pacific South America
Lake Champlain
Province ID
Saint Helena Island
Province ID: South Atlantic
North Pacific Drift
Province ID: North East Pacific
Lake Bajkal
Province ID
Moray Firth
Province ID: North Atlantic North Sea

All of EU4 Commands

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Country Tag: South America 698 TPA South America
With a little help..
Achievement: Hard As Ragusa, lead a Trade League of at least 5 nations and guarantee the Ottomans' independence. Hard
Country Tag: Arabia 261 BTL Arabia
Country Tag: Central Asia 296 SHY Central Asia
Country Tag: East Africa 370 WLY East Africa
Country Tag: British Isles 58 ORD British Isles
add_diplo [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Adds diplomatic enroute
run []
Command: Runs effects in specified file. Example: run my_script.txt. By default looks in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\ for files. For mods, the game will look in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod\name_of_mod\.
Country Tag: Arabia 235 ALH Arabia
Country Tag: East Africa 372 HDY East Africa

Similar Province IDs to Foxe Basin

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Achievement: Medium Force a nation to revoke 5 cores in one peace deal as Corfu. Medium
One Night in Paris
Achievement: Easy Start as England, own and have a core on Paris (do not form another country unless it's Great Britain). Easy
Four For Trade
Achievement: Easy Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them. Easy
Foxe Basin
Province ID: American East Coast
A Fine Goosestep
Achievement: Medium Form Prussia and have at least 125% Discipline. Medium
For Odin!
Achievement: Medium Starting as a Norse custom nation with no more than 200 points and a maximum of 5 provinces, own & core Scandinavia and the British Isles and convert it all to Norse. Medium
Country Tag: North America 599 FOX North America
Country Tag: France 105 FOI France Releasable
Country Tag: Germany 136 LAU Germany
Home and Away
Achievement: Medium As Wales, hold Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris and London. Medium