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Russia Country Tags

Europa Universalis IV country tags for use in cheat codes. Example commands such as "play as," "kill ruler," and "add to your country's interest" are included.
Tag Order
General Location
Odoyev 93 OKA
Astrakhan 210 AST Releasable
Crimea 211 CRI
Kazan 213 KAZ
Muscovy 214 MOS
Novgorod 215 NOV
Pskov 216 PSK
Qasim 217 QAS Releasable
Russia 218 RUS Formable
Ryazan 219 RYA
Tver 220 TVE
Ruthenia 221 UKR Formable
Yaroslavl 222 YAR
Zaporozhie 223 ZAZ Releasable
Sibir 225 SIB Releasable
Polotsk 226 PLT Releasable
Perm 227 PRM
Theodoro 228 FEO
Bashkiria 229 BSH Releasable
Beloozero 230 BLO
Rostov 231 RSO
Great Horde 232 GOL
Golden Horde 233 GLH Formable
Smolensk 585 SMO Releasable
Nizhny Novgorod 586 NZH Releasable