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Italy Country Tags

Europa Universalis IV country tags for use in cheat codes. Example commands such as "play as," "kill ruler," and "add to your country's interest" are included.
Tag Order
General Location
Corsica 103 COR Releasable
Sardinia-Piedmont 113 SPI Formable
Aquileia 176 AQU Releasable
Etruria 177 ETR Revolter
Ferrara 178 FER
Genoa 179 GEN
Italy 180 ITA Formable
Mantua 181 MAN
Milan 182 MLO
Modena 183 MOD Releasable
Naples 184 NAP
The Papal State 185 PAP
Parma 186 PAR Releasable
Pisa 187 PIS Releasable
Sardinia 188 SAR Releasable
Savoy 189 SAV
Sicily 190 SIC Releasable
Siena 191 SIE
Tuscany 192 TUS Formable
Urbino 193 URB
Venice 194 VEN
Montferrat 195 MFA
Lucca 196 LUC
Florence 197 LAN
Malta 198 JAI Revolter