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France Country Tags

Europa Universalis IV country tags for use in cheat codes. Example commands such as "play as," "kill ruler," and "add to your country's interest" are included.
Tag Order
General Location
Alençon 94 ALE Releasable
Armagnac 96 AMG Releasable
Auvergne 97 AUV Releasable
Avignon 98 AVI Releasable
Bourbonnais 99 BOU Releasable
Brittany 100 BRI
Burgundy 101 BUR
Champagne 102 CHP Releasable
Dauphine 104 DAU Releasable
Foix 105 FOI Releasable
France 106 FRA Formable (exists in 1444)
Gascony 107 GUY Releasable
Nevers 108 NEV
Normandy 109 NRM Releasable
Orleans 110 ORL Releasable
Picardy 111 PIC Releasable
Provence 112 PRO
Toulouse 114 TOU Releasable
Berry 115 BER Releasable
Lorraine 137 LOR
Bar 583 BAR Releasable