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Far East Country Tags

Europa Universalis IV country tags for use in cheat codes. Example commands such as "play as," "kill ruler," and "add to your country's interest" are included.
Tag Order
General Location
Japan 416 JAP Formable
Amago 417 AMA
Asakura 418 ASA Releasable
Chosokabe 419 CSK Releasable
Date 420 DTE
Hojo 421 HJO Revolter (more likely by an event)
Hosokawa 422 HSK
Hatakeyama 423 HTK
Ikeda 424 IKE Revolter
Imagawa 425 IMG
Maeda 426 MAE Revolter
Mori 427 MRI Releasable
Oda 428 ODA
Otomo 429 OTM
Ouchi 430 OUC
Shiba 431 SBA
Shimazu 432 SMZ
Takeda 433 TKD
Tokugawa 434 TKG
Uesugi 435 UES
Yamana 436 YMN
Nanbu 437 RFR
Ashikaga 438 ASK
Kitabatake 439 KTB
Ainu 440 ANU
Akamatsu 441 AKM Releasable
Ando 442 AKT
Chiba 443 CBA
Isshiki 444 ISK
Ito 445 ITO
Kikuchi 446 KKC
Kono 447 KNO
Ogasawara 448 OGS
Shoni 449 SHN
Satake 450 STK
Toki 451 TKI
Utsunomiya 452 UTN
Tsutsui 453 TTI
Korea 456 KOR
Ryukyu 470 RYU