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China Country Tags

Europa Universalis IV country tags for use in cheat codes. Example commands such as "play as," "kill ruler," and "add to your country's interest" are included.
Tag Order
General Location
Ming 464 MNG
Zhou 478 CZH Revolter
Shun 479 CSH Releasable
Xi 480 CXI Releasable
Dali 496 CDL Releasable
Yi 497 CYI Releasable
Miao 498 CMI Releasable
Min 499 MIN Releasable
Yue 500 YUE Releasable
Shu 501 SHU Releasable
Ning 502 NNG Releasable
Chu 503 CHC Releasable
Tang 504 TNG Releasable
Wu 505 WUU Releasable
Qi 506 QIC Releasable
Yan 507 YAN Releasable
Jin 508 JIN Releasable
Liang 509 LNG Releasable
Qin 510 QIN Releasable
Huai 511 HUA Releasable