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EU4 Commands
Console Command & Cheat: prices
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EU4 Commands
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Command prices
Description Price Info to game.log
Command Category
Commonly Used Commands
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Commands in EU4 Most commands have three parameters. Some commands have fewer or none. When multiple parameters are required, enter each parameter, separated by a space. The common parameters are the country tag, province ID (please see our list of country and province IDs), and value (the amount that you want when you enter the command).
How to Open the Command Console To open the command console, press Shift 2, or Alt 2 1, or Shift 3, or ~ (this is usually located below the Esc ui tiny basic label and to the left of the 1 key. Most cheat codes can be turned off by repeating the command in the command console.

More Commands

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Command: Show province modifier values.
observe_mode []
Command: Changes to the observe mode
epicfail [(Target Country Tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Makes all spies of target country fail
Command: Toggles smooth frame logging
Command: Reports what render backend is used
harmonization [(AMOUNT [0.0, 1.0])] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Mandate of Heaven Sets to country's Harmonization progress (Confucian religion) Mandate of Heaven
Command: Goes into Spectator mode
mapmode [Mapmode type (int)]
Command: Change mapmode.
add_trait [(personality tag), (heir) OPTIONAL, (consort) OPTIONAL]
Command: Rights of Man Add ruler personality Rights of Man
add_loyalty [(Target Estate)] [(Amount)]
Command: The Cossacks Adds loyalty to target estate.
The estate have the following identifier:
estate_dhimmi The Cossacks

Other Commands

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population [(ProvinceID)] [(Amount)]
Command: Adds population to a province. (Only for colonies.)
Command: Wealth of Nations Debug canals on map Wealth of Nations
Command: Reload map areas
Command: Toggles all messages popup
karma [(Amount)] [(Target Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Common Sense Adds karma to the player (Buddhist religions) Common Sense
declare_war [(attacker tag)] [(defender tag)] [(call willing allies)]
Command: Declares war between two nations (no CB)
add_cb [(casus belli tag)] [(target country tag)] [(Actor Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Add casus belli against target country. See Casus Belli IDs.
Command: Removes the limit of number of major missions to choose from
reload [file name]
Command: Reloads the gui or lua file
set_consort_flag [(Tag)] [(Flag)]
Command: Rights of Man Sets a global flag Rights of Man

Additional Commands

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tech [(AMOUNT)]
Command: Gets levels in all technology types
set_prov_flag [(Flag)] [(Province)]
Command: Sets a flag for a province
delete_wars [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Delete wars without removing truces
Command: Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision
authority [(AMOUNT)] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: El Dorado Add to a country's authority (Inti religion) El Dorado
Command: godmode on/off
kill_consort [(Target Country Tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Rights of Man Kills your consort Rights of Man
testmission [(Mission Name)]
Command: Tests a mission without triggering it
Command: Reloads the heightmap

All of EU4 Commands

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Country Tag: Germany 132 HES Germany
Country Tag: British Isles 58 ORD British Isles
Country Tag: East Africa 353 MDI East Africa
Country Tag: Persia 300 KHO Persia
Country Tag: Maghreb 287 TFL Maghreb Releasable
Command: Balance data dumped to game.log, with regions (development,number of provinces) and countries (tax, manpower, development, number of forts).
Country Tag: Germany 584 HSA Germany
Country Tag: South America 698 TPA South America
Country Tag: East Indies 685 TDO East Indies
Casus Belli ID: cb_vassalize_mission Use the commands add_cb and remove_cb.

Similar Commands to Console Command & Cheat: prices

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The Princess is in this Castle
Achievement: Easy As a country that does not start with a female heir, have a female heir while having a Castle in your capital (more advanced fort buildings do not count). Easy
Three Trivial Tributary Tribes
Achievement: Very Easy Have 3 Tribal States as Tributaries. Very Easy
Commander Basin
Province ID: North West Pacific
Great Britain
Country Tag: British Isles 51 GBR British Isles Formable
Great Horde
Country Tag: Russia 232 GOL Russia
Command: Price Info to game.log
Jan Mayen
Country Tag: Other 710 JMN Other Special country (can be spawned only with console)
The Iron Price
Achievement: Medium Restore the Danelaw region to Danish rule, and make it Danish culture. Medium
The Prince of Egypt
Achievement: Medium Starting as Florence, form Egypt. Medium
Command: Clears the console