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EU4 Commands
Console Command & Cheat: debug_reload_regions
EU4 Commands
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Console Command & Cheat: debug_reload_regions Share
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EU4 Console Command Share
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Command debug_reload_regions
Description Reload map regions
Command Category
Commonly Used Commands
DLC Required
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Commands in EU4 Most commands have three parameters. Some commands have fewer or none. When multiple parameters are required, enter each parameter, separated by a space. The common parameters are the country tag, province ID (please see our list of country and province IDs), and value (the amount that you want when you enter the command).
How to Open the Command Console To open the command console, press Shift 2, or Alt 2 1, or Shift 3, or ~ (this is usually located below the Esc ui tiny basic label and to the left of the 1 key. Most cheat codes can be turned off by repeating the command in the command console.

Additional Commands

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add_faction [(factionname)]
Command: Adds a Faction to your country
add_diplo [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Adds diplomatic enroute
Command: Goes into Spectator mode
economy []
Command: Prints out global economy statistics to game.log
setmissionaryprogress [(ProvinceID)] [(Amount)]
Command: Sets the missionary progress for a province.
add_backer [(prov id)]
Command: Common Sense The province becomes a backer of the current issue in the parliament. Common Sense
Command: Prints texture usage
Command: Removes the limit of number of major missions to choose from
Command: Prints random count and seed
mandate [(Amount)]
Command: Adds Mandate to your empire.

More Commands

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spritelevel [(Sprite level)]
Command: Sets a forced sprite level. Specify no argument to reset.
add_cb [(casus belli tag)] [(target country tag)] [(Actor Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Add casus belli against target country. See Casus Belli IDs.
native_uprising [(ProvinceID)]
Command: Create native uprising in given province
Command: Testing touch
add_natives [(ProvinceID)] [(Amount)]
Command: Add natives to given province (100× [])
Command: Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision
Command: Toggles fullscreen
add_trait [(personality tag), (heir) OPTIONAL, (consort) OPTIONAL]
Command: Rights of Man Add ruler personality Rights of Man
reformprogress [Points to add] [Target tag (optional)]
Command: Adds government reform progress
karma [(Amount)] [(Target Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Common Sense Adds karma to the player (Buddhist religions) Common Sense

Additional Commands

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Command: Adds 1 new cardinal to a Catholic nation.
Command: Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI
Command: Surrender
Command: Ignore the date check for enroute diplomats
Command: Force enable Great Power frenzy!!!
Command: Reloads the lakes
add_issue [(issue tag)]
Command: Common Sense Adds issue to a parliament. Common Sense
Command: Toggles Debug info
set_consort_flag [(Tag)] [(Flag)]
Command: Rights of Man Sets a global flag Rights of Man
russian [(Amount)]
Command: Third Rome, Cradle of Civilization Grants full government ability points or specified amount.
Works for Russian government types added in Third Rome (e.g. Principality/Tsardom) as well as governments added/updated in Cradle of Civilization (e.g. Mamluk) Third Rome, Cradle of Civilization

All of EU4 Commands

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Similar Commands to Console Command & Cheat: debug_reload_regions

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Jan Mayen
Country Tag: Other 710 JMN Other Special country (can be spawned only with console)
Great Barrier Reef
Province ID: South West Pacific Australia
Great Australian Bight
Province ID: South West Pacific
Command: Clears the console
Great Basin
Province ID: California
Command: Reload map regions
Province ID: Cherokee Mississippi Tobacco Chesapeake Bay Cherokee
Province ID: Timurids Khorasan Paper Persia Khorasani
Commander Basin
Province ID: North West Pacific
Great Karoo
Province ID: South Africa Unknown Cape of Good Hope Khoisan