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EU4 Commands
Console Command & Cheat: bearhaslanded [(Province ID) OPTIONAL]
EU4 Commands
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Console Command & Cheat: bearhaslanded [(Province ID) OPTIONAL] Share
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Command bearhaslanded [(Province ID) OPTIONAL]
Description An unwise command to use. Spawns Jan Mayen.
Command Category
Commonly Used Commands
DLC Required
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Commands in EU4 Most commands have three parameters. Some commands have fewer or none. When multiple parameters are required, enter each parameter, separated by a space. The common parameters are the country tag, province ID (please see our list of country and province IDs), and value (the amount that you want when you enter the command).
How to Open the Command Console To open the command console, press Shift 2, or Alt 2 1, or Shift 3, or ~ (this is usually located below the Esc ui tiny basic label and to the left of the 1 key. Most cheat codes can be turned off by repeating the command in the command console.

Other Commands

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pirate [(Province ID)]
Command: Starts a Pirate in a province
reform [(Target Province ID)]
Command: Begin reformation in the specified province ID
culture [(Province ID)]
Command: Changes culture on a province to your primary culture
add_claim [(Province ID)] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Adds a claim to the province.
own [(Province ID)] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Changes ownership of a province
embrace [(Province ID)] [(institution name) optional]
Command: Embraces an institutions in a province. If left blank, all institutions will be embraced. For a list of institution IDs please see "Institutions."
colonize [province ID]
Command: Colonizes and cores an unsettled province (and gets some prestige). The province retains its original culture and religion. Note: Works also for settled provinces and keeps any previous owner's core.

Additional Commands

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state [(Province ID)]
Command: Toggles State for owner of region of province.
own_core [(Province ID)] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Changes ownership of a province and adds core
spawnactor [(Actorname)] [(Province ID)] [(Animation) OPTIONAL]
Command: Spawns an actor with an optional animation
spawn [(Province ID)] [(SubUnit Type)]
Command: Spawns an unit in a province. For example, "spawn 1 western_medieval_infantry" spawns a Latin Medieval Infantry in Stockholm. See the file names in the common/units folder for a complete list of .
siege [(Province ID)]
Command: Wins the siege in the specified province
add_devastation [(Province ID)] [(Progress)]
Command: Add devastation to a province
add_prosperity [(Province ID)] [(Progress)]
Command: Add progress towards prosperity to a province's state.
control [(Province ID)] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Changes the controller of the province.
add_local_autonomy [(Province ID)] [(Amount)]
Command: Adds local autonomy to a province

Additional Commands

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revolt [(Province ID)]
Command: Starts a Revolt in a province
add_baseunrest [(Province ID)] [(Base Unrest)]
Command: Adds base unrest to a province

All of EU4 Commands

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Similar Commands to Console Command & Cheat: bearhaslanded [(Province ID) OPTIONAL]

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native_uprising [(ProvinceID)]
Command: Create native uprising in given province
Province ID: Timurids Khorasan Paper Persia Khorasani
Commander Basin
Province ID: North West Pacific
An Industrial Evolution
Achievement: Easy As Great Britain, own all of England as core provinces and have at least 25 development in each province there. Easy
bearhaslanded [(Province ID) OPTIONAL]
Command: An unwise command to use. Spawns Jan Mayen.
Great Basin
Province ID: California
Command: Clears the console
Country Tag: France 112 PRO France
add_trait [(personality tag), (heir) OPTIONAL, (consort) OPTIONAL]
Command: Rights of Man Add ruler personality Rights of Man
Jan Mayen
Country Tag: Other 710 JMN Other Special country (can be spawned only with console)