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This Revolution Was Crushed
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This Revolution Was Crushed

EU4 Achievements
Achievement This Revolution Was Crushed
Description In a war against the target of the Revolution, control their capital and have at least 99% war score.
Notes The Revolution disaster (and the French Revolution variant) is announced in a major event: 'Revolution in $COUNTRY$' (or 'The General Estates'). A country will become the revolution target, with "Revolutionary" in its name, if its capital is occupied by rebels while this disaster is active. The disaster spawns a stack of rebels, adds +10 national unrest, removes 3 stability, and can only be ended by having +3 stability while being a monarchy, or by becoming the revolution target. It is feasible both to wait for (or encourage) an AI revolution target, or to become the revolutionary target oneself before releasing (and playing as) a powerful vassal or colonial nation. The player can check if the disaster is still active for a country by looking for the +10 unrest modifier on its provinces.
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