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Achievement Pandya Empire
Description Starting as Madurai, conquer the Pandya Territories.
Difficulty Level
Version Available

Other Achievements

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Venetian Sea
Achievement: Hard Have a 75% Trade share in both the Alexandria and Constantinople nodes as Venice, owning less than 10 cities. Hard
Dovmont's Own
Achievement: Hard Starting as Pskov, have 100 standing Streltsy units. Hard
Mass Production
Achievement: Hard Starting as Odoyev, own one of every manufactury. Hard
Sons of Carthage
Achievement: Hard As Tunisia, own and have cores on Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Algiers and the southern coast of Spain. Hard
Kirishitan Japan
Achievement: Hard Start as a Japanese Daimyo, convert yourself and all of Japan to Christianity. Hard
Over a Thousand!
Achievement: Hard Own 1001 provinces directly. Hard
Baltic Crusader
Achievement: Hard As Teutonic Order or Livonian Order, own all of Russia as core provinces and convert it to Catholic. Hard
Achievement: Hard As Tver, Yaroslavl, Ryazan or Odoyev, eliminate all other Rurikovich nations without changing your ruling dynasty. Hard
The 52 Garhs
Achievement: Hard As Garhwal own and maintain 52 forts without going into debt. Hard
Master of India
Achievement: Hard Own and have cores on all of India as a European nation. Hard

Other Achievements

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Qing of China
Achievement: Hard Become Chinese Emperor as Qing. Hard
Dracula's Revenge
Achievement: Hard Start as Wallachia or Moldavia, form Romania and own or have a subject own all of the Balkans. Hard
Good King René
Achievement: Hard Start as Provence, form the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Hard
Holy Trinity
Achievement: Hard As the Papacy, own Jerusalem and have Livonian Order, Teutonic Order and The Knights as Marches. Hard
Achievement: Hard Complete all English and British missions. Hard
Mewar Never Changes
Achievement: Hard Complete the Mewar Mission Tree. Hard
Consulate of the Sea
Achievement: Hard As Aragon conquer all Mediterranean Centers of Trade. Hard
Pick Your Poison
Achievement: Hard As Kaffa, develop in Cafa while a subject of yours owns it. Hard
Achievement: Hard As Serbia, own the entire Balkans as core provinces. Hard
Sun Invasion
Achievement: Hard As the Madyas, own and have cores on Tepeacac, Mexico, Tullucan and Huastec. Hard

Other Achievements

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Better than Napoleon
Achievement: Hard As France, own Vienna, Berlin and Moscow as core provinces. Hard
Fanatic Collectivist
Achievement: Hard Own all Institution Origin provinces. Hard
Spain is the Emperor
Achievement: Hard Become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as Spain. Hard
A Decent Reserve
Achievement: Hard Have a maximum manpower of at least 1 million. Hard
Guarantor of Peace
Achievement: Hard Guarantee the Independence of France, The Ottoman Empire and Russia. Hard
That's a Silk Road
Achievement: Hard Own or have a subject own all provinces in the world producing silk. Hard
These Banners need a Saga
Achievement: Hard Have 100 regiments as Banners raised at the same time. Hard
Luck of the Irish
Achievement: Hard Own and have cores on the British Isles as an Irish nation. Hard
Lucky Lucca
Achievement: Hard As Lucca, own Lucknow! Hard
A Manchurian Candidate
Achievement: Hard Start as one of the Jurchen tribes and form Qing. Hard

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Similar Achievements to Pandya Empire

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Pandya Empire
Achievement: Hard Starting as Madurai, conquer the Pandya Territories. Hard
Province ID: Colombia Unknown Panama Muisca
Roman Empire
Country Tag: Other 711 ROM Other Formable
Banda Sea
Province ID: South China Sea
Province ID: Ceylon Coromandel Gems Ceylon Sinhalese
Province ID: Gondwana Deccan Tropical Wood Doab Gondi
Gulf of Panama
Province ID: Pacific South America
Holy Roman Empire
Country Tag: Germany 133 HLR Germany Formable
Province ID: Madyas Moluccas Unknown Philippines Filipino
Banda Oriental
Province ID: La Plata Unknown Rio de La Plata Charruan