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Even Better than Piet Heyn
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Achievement Even Better than Piet Heyn
Description Gain over 100 gold from privateering a single treasure fleet.
Difficulty Level
Version Available

Other Achievements

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Take that, von Habsburgs!
Achievement: Medium As Hungary, own all of Austria as core provinces. Medium
The Burgundian Conquest
Achievement: Medium As Burgundy, own the Low Countries region as core provinces and have France and Austria as your subjects. Medium
For Odin!
Achievement: Medium Starting as a Norse custom nation with no more than 200 points and a maximum of 5 provinces, own & core Scandinavia and the British Isles and convert it all to Norse. Medium
The Prince of Egypt
Achievement: Medium Starting as Florence, form Egypt. Medium
All Your Trade Are Belong to Us
Achievement: Medium Have the highest trade power in Genoa, Venice and English Channel while having an income of at least 300 ducats per month. Medium
Bengal Tiger
Achievement: Medium Start as Bengal and own Samarkand as a core province. Medium
The Rising Sun
Achievement: Medium Own and have cores on all of Japan as a European nation. Medium
Neither Holy, Nor German
Achievement: Medium Have 7 Free Cities in the Empire, none of which is of a Germanic culture. Medium
Rekindling the Flames
Achievement: Medium Starting as a Zoroastrian custom nation with no more than 200 points and a maximum of 5 provinces, rekindle the royal fires (aka take the decision). Medium
A tale of two Families
Achievement: Medium Starting as Vijayanagar or Bahmanis conquer the other's capital and have them not exist. Medium

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Queen of Mercury
Achievement: Medium As Kilwa, own and have cores on Zanzibar and Bombay (North Konkan). Medium
Lion of the North
Achievement: Medium Start as Sweden and lead the Protestant League to victory against the Emperor. Medium
Achievement: Medium As Kazan or Nogai, own all Tatar culture group lands. Medium
This navy can take it all
Achievement: Medium Gain at least 7.0 naval morale. Medium
Ruina Imperii
Achievement: Medium Dismantle the Holy Roman Empire. Medium
Rise of the White Sheep
Achievement: Medium As Aq Qoyunlu, own Tabriz and have Qara Qoyunlu not exist by 1478. Medium
Live Long and Prosper
Achievement: Medium Have 30 states with prosperity at the same time as you have a 70 year old ruler. Medium
A Fine Goosestep
Achievement: Medium Form Prussia and have at least 125% Discipline. Medium
Great Moravia
Achievement: Medium Restore the Great Moravian borders as Nitra or Moravia. Medium
Fine Financials
Achievement: Medium Own Eight level 3 Centres of Trade. Medium

Other Achievements

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The Levant Turnabout
Achievement: Medium As the Mamluks, have 100 Army Professionalism and annex the Ottomans. Medium
Breaking the Yoke
Achievement: Medium As Ryazan, own Saratov, Crimea and Kazan while being independent. Medium
Parisian Pasha
Achievement: Medium Assign Pasha to Paris. Medium
No Trail of Tears
Achievement: Medium Own and have cores on the Thirteen Colonies as Cherokee with all institutions embraced. Medium
Ganges Khan
Achievement: Medium Start as Tribal nation in India and become a Steppe Horde. Medium
My armies are invincible!
Achievement: Medium Gain at least 7.0 land morale. Medium
The Iron Price
Achievement: Medium Restore the Danelaw region to Danish rule, and make it Danish culture. Medium
Achievement: Medium Get Orangists in power with 100% Republican Tradition, and owning a province in China. Medium
Sleepless in Seattle
Achievement: Medium Own 10 Coffee producing provinces, and have your capital in Chehalis. Medium
This Revolution Was Crushed
Achievement: Medium In a war against the target of the Revolution, control their capital and have at least 99% war score. Medium

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Similar Achievements to Even Better than Piet Heyn

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Even Better than Piet Heyn
Achievement: Medium Gain over 100 gold from privateering a single treasure fleet. Medium
Country Tag: East Africa 365 PTE East Africa
Province ID: Beja Horn of Africa Livestock Ethiopia Beja
Tian Shan
Province ID: Yumen
Province ID: Itza Central America Cocoa Mexico Putun
Lake Saint-Jean
Province ID
Country Tag: North America 611 PIM North America
Province ID: Moldavia Carpathia Wine Crimea Romanian
Province ID: Austria South Germany Wine Wien Austrian
Better than Napoleon
Achievement: Hard As France, own Vienna, Berlin and Moscow as core provinces. Hard