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Empire of Mann
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Empire of Mann

EU4 Achievements
Achievement Empire of Mann
Description As Mann, conquer all Islands in the world.
Notes Mann can't be selected as a country in 1444, you must release it as a vassal and choose the option to play as released vassal. As England release Mann at the very start of the game. After 10 years you can annex them again. As the annexation progresses grant them your provinces bit by bit before the process hits 100%. You can even move your capital to continental Europe and give London to Mann. Be careful about France as they will likely attack you once you are weakened. After annexation is finished spend all your monarch points to boost provinces that Mann considers as core. Now release Mann again and chose to play as released vassal. Do NOT form England again or any other country because it will prevent getting the achievement. Alternatively, sabotage England as much as possible, such as releasing all releasable nations, leaving Mann for last. Release and play as them, then ally all other released nations, plus a major like Castile. Take London, Sussex, and Kent in first war and you should be off to a great start.
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