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Eat your Greens
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Achievement Eat your Greens
Description Control all Grasslands in Asia as Kale before the age of Absolutism.
Difficulty Level
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One Faith!
Achievement: Insane Have all non-wasteland land provinces in the world be of your religion. Insane
True Heir of Timur
Achievement: Insane Starting as a Timurid subject, form the Mughals and conquer India by 1550. Insane
Empire of Mann
Achievement: Insane As Mann, conquer all Islands in the world. Insane
The Three Mountains
Achievement: Insane Own or have a subject own the entire world as Ryukyu. Insane
Raja of the Rajput Reich
Achievement: Insane Conquer all of Germany as Nagaur. Insane

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Pick Your Poison
Achievement: Hard As Kaffa, develop in Cafa while a subject of yours owns it. Hard
Province ID: Ottomans Balkans Wine Ragusa Greek
It's All Greek To Me
Achievement: Hard Form Greece and own and have cores on Zeta, Thatta, Lamba, and Roh. Hard
Country Tag: Far East 456 KOR Far East
Country Tag: Balkans 27 GRE Balkans Formable
Eat your Greens
Achievement: Insane Control all Grasslands in Asia as Kale before the age of Absolutism. Insane
Province ID: Mongolia Mongolia Livestock Beijing Mongol
Country Tag: Far East 430 OUC Far East
Province ID: Genoa Anatolia Wine Constantinople Greek
Province ID: Byzantium Balkans Wine Ragusa Greek