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Double the Love
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Achievement Double the Love
Description Start with no unions and get two at the same time.
Notes Obtainable as Castile if the union with Aragon occurs whilst they maintain their union with Naples, or as Muscovy by claiming Tver and Ryazan thrones. It does not mean inheriting two personal unions simultaneously, only that a country starting with no personal unions eventually holds two at the same time. These unions can occur independently. Poland is good option aswell, beacuse it can easily get union with Bohemia and Lithuania.
Difficulty Level
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Additional Achievements

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Magellan’s Voyage
Achievement: Easy Make the first circumnavigation. Easy
A Pile of Gold
Achievement: Easy Own 10 provinces which produce gold. Easy
The White Company
Achievement: Easy Join a war on the other side of someone to whom you have rented condottieri. Easy
Center of Attention
Achievement: Easy Own both a Protestant and a Reformed Center of Reformation. Easy
Blood for the Sky God
Achievement: Easy As a Tengri nation, have Nahuatl as your syncretic faith. Easy
The Navigator
Achievement: Easy As Portugal, get owned provinces in Africa, India and Indonesia before 1500. Easy
Relentless Push East
Achievement: Easy Starting as a Russian nation, By 1600 own the East Siberian Coastline. Easy
It's all about luck
Achievement: Easy Win a battle against a great leader, without a leader. Easy
The Emperors new clothes
Achievement: Easy Overthrow Austria and become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Easy
Just Resting In My Account
Achievement: Easy Corrupt the officials in a rival country Easy

Other Achievements

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One Family to Rule them All
Achievement: Easy Have your dynasty on 8 thrones at the same time. Easy
Turning the Tide
Achievement: Easy Start as a Steppe Horde in 1444 and embrace all institutions. Easy
Land of Eastern Jade
Achievement: Easy Own a core province in Central America as a Buddhist country. Easy
Achievement: Easy Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability. Easy
Just a Little Patience
Achievement: Easy Play a campaign from 1444 until 1820. Easy
Early-Modern Warfare
Achievement: Easy Have 100 regiments at 100% Army Drill. Easy
Trade Hegemon
Achievement: Easy Starting as any European country, conquer and have cores on Aden, Hormoz and Malacca. Easy
Not just Pizza
Achievement: Easy Become a Great Power as Naples. Easy
Brothers in Arms
Achievement: Easy Win a war as a secondary participant. Easy
Black Jack
Achievement: Easy Have at least 21 different subjects with 5 cities each and without any subject having 50% or more Liberty Desire. Trade Companies do not count. Easy

Other Achievements

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Sikh Pun
Achievement: Easy Convert to Sikhism and form the nation of Punjab. Easy
Nobody wants to die
Achievement: Easy Own Timbuktu as Songhai Easy
City of Cities
Achievement: Easy Own a core province with at least 60 development. Easy
Royal Authority
Achievement: Easy Install a union through a succession war. Easy
Four For Trade
Achievement: Easy Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them. Easy
Aggressive Expander
Achievement: Easy Own 200 provinces. Easy
Achievement: Easy Blockade at least 10 ports of one enemy. Easy
Rozwi Empire
Achievement: Easy Starting as Butua, conquer Mutapa (Zimbabwe and Lower Zambezi areas). Easy
The Spice Must Flow
Achievement: Easy Form the nation of Malaya. Easy
All belongs to Mother Russia
Achievement: Easy Start as a country of Russian culture and form Russia. Easy

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Similar Achievements to Double the Love

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own_core [(Province ID)] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Changes ownership of a province and adds core
observe_mode []
Command: Changes to the observe mode
spritelevel [(Sprite level)]
Command: Sets a forced sprite level. Specify no argument to reset.
Double the Love
Achievement: Easy Start with no unions and get two at the same time. Easy
Country Tag: East Africa 357 DAR East Africa Revolter (more likely by an event)
Command: Makes some debug features available. Displays province ID, country tag, and border distance when mousing over provinces.
Canceled Loan
Casus Belli ID: cb_loan_cancelled Use the commands add_cb and remove_cb.
Country Tag: Far East 421 HJO Far East Revolter (more likely by an event)
Country Tag: India 574 JAJ India Revolter (more likely by an event)
colonize [province ID]
Command: Colonizes and cores an unsettled province (and gets some prestige). The province retains its original culture and religion. Note: Works also for settled provinces and keeps any previous owner's core.