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Achievement Chop Chop
Description With only one Monarch, have six different Consorts.
Notes As an Anglican nation for five times Divorce consort every 100 church power then wait for a new consort, royal marriage someone or press Marriage a local Nobelwoman button in religious pannel. Kill the heir if necessary. Easily doable if the ruler is young.
Difficulty Level
Version Available

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Not just Pizza
Achievement: Easy Become a Great Power as Naples. Easy
Aggressive Expander
Achievement: Easy Own 200 provinces. Easy
Vasa or Wettin?
Achievement: Easy Get a ruler of your dynasty on the throne of Poland or the Commonwealth while they are an elective monarchy. Easy
Colonial Management
Achievement: Easy Have 3 colonial governors that were directly appointed by you at the same time. Easy
Voting Streak
Achievement: Easy Successfully pass 11 issues in a row in Parliament. Easy
One King to Rule!
Achievement: Easy As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, abolishing the Sejm. Easy
Turn the Table
Achievement: Easy As a colony, break free and vassalize your former overlord without forming any other nation. Easy
Azur semé de lis or
Achievement: Easy Get all the French Cores as France. Easy
It's all about luck
Achievement: Easy Win a battle against a great leader, without a leader. Easy
Made in Japan
Achievement: Easy Embrace "manufacturies" institution as Japan by 1655. Easy

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Just a Little Patience
Achievement: Easy Play a campaign from 1444 until 1820. Easy
Isn't this the way to India?
Achievement: Easy Discover the Americas as Castile or Spain. Easy
Die Please Die
Achievement: Easy Have a ruler with 1 or lower in all three categories who is over the age of 70. Easy
Abu Bakr II’s Ambition
Achievement: Easy Start as Mali and have 4 Colonial Subjects in South America. Easy
David the Builder
Achievement: Easy As Imereti, form Georgia and have no free building slots. Easy
Royal Authority
Achievement: Easy Install a union through a succession war. Easy
Center of Attention
Achievement: Easy Own both a Protestant and a Reformed Center of Reformation. Easy
Grand Duchy
Achievement: Easy Starting as a Duchy, have 1000 development without upgrading your government rank. Easy
Cities of Cibola
Achievement: Easy As Pueblo, own at least seven provinces with 10 development each. Easy
The Six Nations
Achievement: Easy Form a Federation of at least six nations as the Iroquois. Easy

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True Catholic
Achievement: Easy Control three Cardinals. Easy
Imperio español
Achievement: Easy As Spain have Mexico, Panama, Havana, Cuzco in colonial Nations under you. Easy
Maharana Pratap
Achievement: Easy Start as Mewar and field an army of 20 Rajput regiments. Easy
Nobody wants to die
Achievement: Easy Own Timbuktu as Songhai Easy
Grand Coalition
Achievement: Easy Join a coalition of more than 5 nations. Easy
The Coin is Stronger than the Sword
Achievement: Easy Charter Company from an Indian nation. Easy
All belongs to Mother Russia
Achievement: Easy Start as a country of Russian culture and form Russia. Easy
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Achievement: Easy As Qara Qoyunlu become the leading producer of wool. Easy
Achievement: Easy Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability. Easy
On the Edge of Madness
Achievement: Easy As Aztecs, reach 95 Doom, then go 20 years without Doom hitting 100. Easy

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Country Tag: India 529 MLW India
Country Tag: East Africa 340 ZIM East Africa
Country Tag: Germany 136 LAU Germany
Country Tag: Germany 584 HSA Germany
Country Tag: Arabia 236 ANZ Arabia
form_union [(Country tag)] [(Country tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Forms Union with target
Country Tag: Asia Minor 277 MSY Asia Minor
Country Tag: Persia 321 QOM Persia
Country Tag: East Africa 370 WLY East Africa
Country Tag: Arabia 261 BTL Arabia

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Country Tag: North America 596 CHO North America
Chop Chop
Achievement: Easy With only one Monarch, have six different Consorts. Easy
Country Tag: China 503 CHC China Releasable
Province ID: Kachar Bengal Tropical Wood Bengal Chin
Province ID: Ava Burma Grain Bengal Chin
Cape of Good Hope
Province ID: South Atlantic Cape of Good Hope
Province ID: Kachar Bengal Grain Bengal Chin
Country Tag: France 102 CHP France Releasable
Province ID: Timurids Khorasan Wool Kashmir Afghan
Country Tag: China 478 CZH China Revolter