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Achievement Bright Spark
Description Have 50 Innovativeness.
Notes Starting as Florence, only focus on technology and doctrines, accept all events that give innovativeness and always choose the same leader during election, can be done before 1550.
Difficulty Level
Version Available

Other Achievements

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Maharana Pratap
Achievement: Easy Start as Mewar and field an army of 20 Rajput regiments. Easy
Rozwi Empire
Achievement: Easy Starting as Butua, conquer Mutapa (Zimbabwe and Lower Zambezi areas). Easy
One Night in Paris
Achievement: Easy Start as England, own and have a core on Paris (do not form another country unless it's Great Britain). Easy
An Industrial Evolution
Achievement: Easy As Great Britain, own all of England as core provinces and have at least 25 development in each province there. Easy
Relentless Push East
Achievement: Easy Starting as a Russian nation, By 1600 own the East Siberian Coastline. Easy
Dude, Where's my Boat?
Achievement: Easy Capture 20 boats with the Boarding Naval Doctrine. Easy
Turn the Table
Achievement: Easy As a colony, break free and vassalize your former overlord without forming any other nation. Easy
Black Jack
Achievement: Easy Have at least 21 different subjects with 5 cities each and without any subject having 50% or more Liberty Desire. Trade Companies do not count. Easy
Turning the Tide
Achievement: Easy Start as a Steppe Horde in 1444 and embrace all institutions. Easy
Forgive me, for I have Sindh
Achievement: Easy Become Christian as Sindh. Easy

More Achievements

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Achievement: Easy Have 4 different Cultures and 4 different religions represented in your court. Easy
Abu Bakr II’s Ambition
Achievement: Easy Start as Mali and have 4 Colonial Subjects in South America. Easy
The Coin is Stronger than the Sword
Achievement: Easy Charter Company from an Indian nation. Easy
Voting Streak
Achievement: Easy Successfully pass 11 issues in a row in Parliament. Easy
Achievement: Easy Form the nation of Croatia and station a unit of cavalry in Stockholm. Easy
Liberty or Death
Achievement: Easy Start as United States in 1776 bookmark and own all your cores while being at peace. Easy
On the Edge of Madness
Achievement: Easy As Aztecs, reach 95 Doom, then go 20 years without Doom hitting 100. Easy
The Emperors new clothes
Achievement: Easy Overthrow Austria and become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Easy
Achievement: Easy Blockade at least 10 ports of one enemy. Easy
Trade Hegemon
Achievement: Easy Starting as any European country, conquer and have cores on Aden, Hormoz and Malacca. Easy

Additional Achievements

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Just Resting In My Account
Achievement: Easy Corrupt the officials in a rival country Easy
Not just Pizza
Achievement: Easy Become a Great Power as Naples. Easy
The Five Colonies
Achievement: Easy Have five colonial nations. Easy
Aggressive Expander
Achievement: Easy Own 200 provinces. Easy
Made in Japan
Achievement: Easy Embrace "manufacturies" institution as Japan by 1655. Easy
True Catholic
Achievement: Easy Control three Cardinals. Easy
At every continent
Achievement: Easy Own one province on each continent. Easy
It's all about luck
Achievement: Easy Win a battle against a great leader, without a leader. Easy
Achievement: Easy Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability. Easy
Four For Trade
Achievement: Easy Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them. Easy

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Country Tag: East Indies 673 SAK East Indies
Province ID: Brazil Unknown Amazonas Tupinamba
Province ID: Great Lakes Unknown Ohio Anishinabe
One Night in Paris
Achievement: Easy Start as England, own and have a core on Paris (do not form another country unless it's Great Britain). Easy
Canterbury Bight
Province ID: South West Pacific
Bright Spark
Achievement: Easy Have 50 Innovativeness. Easy
Great Australian Bight
Province ID: South West Pacific
Country Tag: Iberia 172 SPA Iberia Formable
Helgoland Bight
Province ID: North Atlantic
Province ID: Siak Malaya Chinaware Malacca Sumatran