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Black Jack
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Achievement Black Jack
Description Have at least 21 different subjects with 5 cities each and without any subject having 50% or more Liberty Desire. Trade Companies do not count.
Notes Can be easily achieved with Tributary states as the Chinese Emperor with the Mandate of Heaven DLC or Ashikaga with its daimyos.
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Other Achievements

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One Night in Paris
Achievement: Easy Start as England, own and have a core on Paris (do not form another country unless it's Great Britain). Easy
City of Cities
Achievement: Easy Own a core province with at least 60 development. Easy
Vasa or Wettin?
Achievement: Easy Get a ruler of your dynasty on the throne of Poland or the Commonwealth while they are an elective monarchy. Easy
A Pile of Gold
Achievement: Easy Own 10 provinces which produce gold. Easy
The Coin is Stronger than the Sword
Achievement: Easy Charter Company from an Indian nation. Easy
A Protected Market
Achievement: Easy Have 100% Mercantilism. Easy
Double the Love
Achievement: Easy Start with no unions and get two at the same time. Easy
An Industrial Evolution
Achievement: Easy As Great Britain, own all of England as core provinces and have at least 25 development in each province there. Easy
Not just Pizza
Achievement: Easy Become a Great Power as Naples. Easy
The Six Nations
Achievement: Easy Form a Federation of at least six nations as the Iroquois. Easy

More Achievements

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All belongs to Mother Russia
Achievement: Easy Start as a country of Russian culture and form Russia. Easy
Four For Trade
Achievement: Easy Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them. Easy
The White Company
Achievement: Easy Join a war on the other side of someone to whom you have rented condottieri. Easy
One Family to Rule them All
Achievement: Easy Have your dynasty on 8 thrones at the same time. Easy
Azur semé de lis or
Achievement: Easy Get all the French Cores as France. Easy
Brothers in Arms
Achievement: Easy Win a war as a secondary participant. Easy
Imperio español
Achievement: Easy As Spain have Mexico, Panama, Havana, Cuzco in colonial Nations under you. Easy
It's all about luck
Achievement: Easy Win a battle against a great leader, without a leader. Easy
Achievement: Easy Blockade at least 10 ports of one enemy. Easy
Abu Bakr II’s Ambition
Achievement: Easy Start as Mali and have 4 Colonial Subjects in South America. Easy

Other Achievements

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Achievement: Easy Gain 100 Absolutism. Easy
Aggressive Expander
Achievement: Easy Own 200 provinces. Easy
World Discoverer
Achievement: Easy Discover all non-wasteland land provinces. Easy
Achievement: Easy Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability. Easy
Strait Talk
Achievement: Easy As Hormuz, have at least 10 diplomatic reputation. Easy
Achievement: Easy Become an elector in the HRE as a country which does not start as elector. Easy
Bright Spark
Achievement: Easy Have 50 Innovativeness. Easy
Sweet Home Qaraqorum
Achievement: Easy As the Mughals assimilate Mongolian culture. Easy
Just a Little Patience
Achievement: Easy Play a campaign from 1444 until 1820. Easy
Trade Hegemon
Achievement: Easy Starting as any European country, conquer and have cores on Aden, Hormoz and Malacca. Easy

All of EU4 Commands

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Country Tag: Arabia 236 ANZ Arabia
Province ID: Morocco Maghreb Sugar Safi Berber
Country Tag: Russia 213 KAZ Russia
Country Tag: East Africa 372 HDY East Africa
Country Tag: Asia Minor 272 RAM Asia Minor
Country Tag: Italy 188 SAR Italy Releasable
Country Tag: Tibet 493 UTS Tibet
Country Tag: East Africa 370 WLY East Africa
Just Resting In My Account
Achievement: Easy Corrupt the officials in a rival country Easy
Religious League
Casus Belli ID: cb_religious_league Use the commands add_cb and remove_cb.

Similar Achievements to Black Jack

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Sable Island Bank
Province ID: Caribbean Sea
Back to the Piast
Achievement: Hard As Mazovia or Silesia, form the nation of Poland. Hard
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Achievement: Easy As Qara Qoyunlu become the leading producer of wool. Easy
Dogger Bank
Province ID: North Atlantic English Channel
Hatton Bank
Province ID: North Atlantic
Eastern Black Sea
Province ID: Mediterranean
The Buddhists Strike Back
Achievement: Very Hard As Kotte or Kandy, own all of India and convert it to Theravada Buddhism. Very Hard
Back in Control
Achievement: Hard Form Yuan and be the only nation holding land in China. Hard
Black Jack
Achievement: Easy Have at least 21 different subjects with 5 cities each and without any subject having 50% or more Liberty Desire. Trade Companies do not count. Easy
Province ID: Hungary Carpathia Livestock Wien Hungarian