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Avar Khaganate
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Achievement Avar Khaganate
Description Achieve Empire rank and conquer Hungary as Avaria.
Difficulty Level
Version Available

Other Achievements

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Where the heart is
Achievement: Very Hard As Dahomey, force all non-Fetishist nations out of Niger and Sahel by 1500. Very Hard
Norwegian Wood
Achievement: Very Hard Own or have a subject own all naval supplies provinces as Norway. Very Hard
We bled for this
Achievement: Very Hard Win a war with at least one million dead on both sides. Very Hard
African Power
Achievement: Very Hard Own and have cores on all provinces in Africa as Kongo. Very Hard
The Pheasant Strut
Achievement: Very Hard As Ghorka form Nepal and defeat Prussia with at least 100,000 Prussian casualties in a war (both have to be primary targets of war). Very Hard
World Conqueror
Achievement: Very Hard Own or have a subject own the entire world. Very Hard
I'll graze my horse here.. And here...
Achievement: Very Hard As a Horde, own over 200 provinces producing grain. Very Hard
Big Blue Blob
Achievement: Very Hard As France, hold 100 European core provinces before 1500. Very Hard
Meissner Porcelain
Achievement: Very Hard As Saxony, own or have a subject own all Chinaware provinces in the world. Very Hard
First Come, First Serve
Achievement: Very Hard Starting as a Western technology custom nation in North America or South America with no more than 200 points, unite the two continents. Very Hard

Other Achievements

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Sunset Invasion
Achievement: Very Hard Own and have cores on Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rome as the Aztecs. Very Hard
Achievement: Very Hard As Byzantium, restore the Roman Empire. Very Hard
Saladin's Legacy
Achievement: Very Hard Playing as Hisn Kayfa, reforge the Ayyubid Empire. Very Hard
This is Persia!
Achievement: Very Hard Form Persia and own Egypt, Anatolia and Greece as core provinces. Very Hard
Choson One
Achievement: Very Hard As Korea, own or have a subject own all Shinto, Confucian and Buddhist provinces in the world. Very Hard
Cotton Kandy
Achievement: Very Hard As Kandy be production leader in Cotton. Very Hard
The Great Khan
Achievement: Very Hard As the Mongol Khanate or the Great Horde, own or have a subject own the Chinese, Russian and Persian regions. Very Hard
Albania or Iberia
Achievement: Very Hard As Albania, own or have a subject own Iberia and the Caucasus. Very Hard
Never say Nevers
Achievement: Very Hard As Nevers, own the entire France region as core provinces. Very Hard
The First Toungoo Empire
Achievement: Very Hard As Taungu, unite the Burman culture group by 1500. Very Hard

More Achievements

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Foremost Servitor of Jagannath
Achievement: Very Hard Start as Orissa and own or have a subject own all tropical wood provinces. Very Hard
A Sun God
Achievement: Very Hard Form Inca, embrace all Institutions and own all of South America as core provinces. Very Hard
Achievement: Very Hard As Athens, own 50 universities. Very Hard
Frozen Assets
Achievement: Very Hard Start as Novgorod and control 90% of the trade power in the White Sea trade node while it is the highest valued trade node in the world. Very Hard
The Re-Reconquista
Achievement: Very Hard As Granada, form Andalusia and reconquer all of Iberia. Very Hard
Great Perm
Achievement: Very Hard As Perm, own or have a subject own the Russian, Siberian, Scandinavian, Canadian, Hudson Bay and Cascadian regions. Very Hard
Komnenoi Empire
Achievement: Very Hard As Trebizond, have the Empire government rank. Very Hard
The Buddhists Strike Back
Achievement: Very Hard As Kotte or Kandy, own all of India and convert it to Theravada Buddhism. Very Hard
Rags and Riches
Achievement: Very Hard Have the highest income in the world while neither owning nor starting with a province with a development level higher than 10. Very Hard
Achievement: Very Hard As Najd, own 500 Sunni provinces. Very Hard

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Country Tag: Indochina 637 AVA Indochina
Country Tag: Asia Minor 273 AVR Asia Minor
Country Tag: East Africa 341 ADA East Africa
Java Sea
Province ID: South China Sea
Province ID: Tver Russia Grain Novgorod Muscovite
Aral Sea
Province ID
Province ID: Ava Burma Gems Bengal Burmese
Avar Khaganate
Achievement: Very Hard Achieve Empire rank and conquer Hungary as Avaria. Very Hard
Tatar Straits
Province ID: East China Sea
Country Tag: East Africa 359 HAR East Africa Releasable