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A Manchurian Candidate
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Achievement A Manchurian Candidate
Description Start as one of the Jurchen tribes and form Qing.
Notes Need to form Manchu first.
Difficulty Level
Version Available

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Sworn Fealty
Achievement: Hard Starting as an Arabian Tribal Federation, unite Arabia and have Maximum tribal Allegiance. Hard
Sun Invasion
Achievement: Hard As the Madyas, own and have cores on Tepeacac, Mexico, Tullucan and Huastec. Hard
The Grand Armada
Achievement: Hard Have 500 heavy ships and no loans. Hard
Turkish Delight
Achievement: Hard Start as Candar and own 20 Sugar provinces between you and your subjects. Hard
Venetian Sea
Achievement: Hard Have a 75% Trade share in both the Alexandria and Constantinople nodes as Venice, owning less than 10 cities. Hard
A Hero’s Welcome
Achievement: Hard As Karaman, form the Sultanate of Rum. Hard
Mass Production
Achievement: Hard Starting as Odoyev, own one of every manufactury. Hard
A Kaiser not just in name
Achievement: Hard Enact all reforms in the Holy Roman Empire. Hard
Prester John
Achievement: Hard Own and have cores on Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople as Coptic Ethiopia. Hard
A Blessed Nation
Achievement: Hard As a Coptic Nation, gain all 5 Blessings. Hard

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The Chrysanthemum Throne
Achievement: Hard Unite Japan as a Daimyo. Hard
Emperor of Hindustan
Achievement: Hard Starting as Delhi, Restore their Empire's borders. Hard
Protect the Secret
Achievement: Hard As Yemen, prevent any European Nation from owning a Coffee-producing province in the Old World until 1700. Hard
Bunte Kuh
Achievement: Hard As Hamburg, trade in both Gems and Livestock. Hard
That's a Silk Road
Achievement: Hard Own or have a subject own all provinces in the world producing silk. Hard
Back to the Piast
Achievement: Hard As Mazovia or Silesia, form the nation of Poland. Hard
The Sun Never Sets on the Indian Empire
Achievement: Hard Form Hindustan or Bharat and own or have a subject own Cape, London, Hong Kong (Canton) and Ottawa (Kichesipi). Hard
Back in Control
Achievement: Hard Form Yuan and be the only nation holding land in China. Hard
Fanatic Collectivist
Achievement: Hard Own all Institution Origin provinces. Hard
The 52 Garhs
Achievement: Hard As Garhwal own and maintain 52 forts without going into debt. Hard

Additional Achievements

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Master of India
Achievement: Hard Own and have cores on all of India as a European nation. Hard
A Decent Reserve
Achievement: Hard Have a maximum manpower of at least 1 million. Hard
King of Jerusalem
Achievement: Hard Form the Kingdom of Jerusalem as Cyprus or The Knights. Hard
Spain is the Emperor
Achievement: Hard Become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as Spain. Hard
Terra Mariana
Achievement: Hard As Riga, own the Baltic region as core provinces. Hard
Achievement: Hard As Tver, Yaroslavl, Ryazan or Odoyev, eliminate all other Rurikovich nations without changing your ruling dynasty. Hard
Guarantor of Peace
Achievement: Hard Guarantee the Independence of France, The Ottoman Empire and Russia. Hard
Achievement: Hard Complete all English and British missions. Hard
Philippine Tiger
Achievement: Hard As Cebu, recreate the Chola Empire. Hard
The Animal Kingdom
Achievement: Hard As Manipur, unite the Bengal region and convert it to Animism. Hard

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add_consort [(Target Country Tag) OPTIONAL] [(Origin Country Tag) OPTIONAL]
Command: Rights of Man Adds a consort from a tag Rights of Man
golden_age [(Country tag)]
Command: Mandate of Heaven Starts a golden age in that country. A tag is required. Mandate of Heaven
set_prov_flag [(Flag)] [(Province)]
Command: Sets a flag for a province
revolt [(Province ID)]
Command: Starts a Revolt in a province
add_missionary [(Country tag)]
Command: Adds a missionary to a country
pirate [(Province ID)]
Command: Starts a Pirate in a province
spawn [(Province ID)] [(SubUnit Type)]
Command: Spawns an unit in a province. For example, "spawn 1 western_medieval_infantry" spawns a Latin Medieval Infantry in Stockholm. See the file names in the common/units folder for a complete list of .
A Manchurian Candidate
Achievement: Hard Start as one of the Jurchen tribes and form Qing. Hard
change_religion [(province ID)/(Target Country Tag)] [(religion)]
Command: Change religion of a province or country. For a list of religion IDs, please see "Religion."
clr_prov_flag [(Flag)] [(Province)]
Command: Clears a flag from a province