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1.6 Achievements

EU4 achievements, detailed descriptions, difficulty, versions available, and strategy.
Difficulty Level
The Princess is in this Castle As a country that does not start with a female heir, have a female heir while having a Castle in your capital (more advanced fort buildings do not count).
The Great Khan As the Mongol Khanate or the Great Horde, own or have a subject own the Chinese, Russian and Persian regions.
The Grand Armada Have 500 heavy ships and no loans.
Sons of Carthage As Tunisia, own and have cores on Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Algiers and the southern coast of Spain.
Queen of Mercury As Kilwa, own and have cores on Zanzibar and Bombay (North Konkan).
Je maintiendrai Form the Netherlands as a minor nation starting with Dutch culture.
Four For Trade Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them.
Electable! Become an elector in the HRE as a country which does not start as elector.
A Protected Market Have 100% Mercantilism.
A Pile of Gold Own 10 provinces which produce gold.